Sean Collins Passes Away

Sean Collins

Sean Collins, founder and chief forecaster of Surfline, died Monday after suffering a heart attack while playing tennis in Newport Beach. He was 59. A shocked surf world is mourning the surprise passing of one of surfing’s most influential people.

Sean Collins helped us get better waves. For more than two decades he helped us know when and where the surf was going to be best so that we could plan our sleep, vacation and sick-day schedules accordingly. How many times did you execute successful strike missions around Sean’s forecasts? How many contests did you watch fire because they knew which days were going to be best? This magazine, to which Sean was a contributing photographer in the ’80s, has filled many issues with perfect waves thanks to his forecasts.

And as a true sign of life success, he leaves behind something that will sustain in his absence — he created something bigger than himself, something that will continue to benefit surfers for decades to come. We’re grateful for that, and all that Sean brought to surfing, and are saddened by his passing. –ING