Laguna Beach, CA- Hunkered down in a Laguna {{{Canyon}}}, a place that was home to many of the major surf world revolutions in the 60's, another insurrection was born. On March 29, 2007, virtually every heavy hitter from the surf, skate and snow industries gathered to collaborate on environmental and sustainability issues.

On hand to speak were legends like Danny Way, Bob Burnquist, Bob McKnight, Tom Campion, and sustainability guru, CEO of McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, Ken Alston. The audience was no less significant. One participant remarking, "if a bomb went off in this place, the entire action sports industry would go away."

Led by Frank Scura, former professional skateboarder and an industry veteran, the broad mission of Action {{{Sports}}} Environmental Coalition, or ASEC, was thrown out to the crowd: Inspire youth to value and take action towards social responsibility. ASEC hopes to accomplish this by leveraging the relationship between Eco-Commerce and Action Sports to create social responsibility through education, alliances, sourcing, and media.

The most practical application of this mission will be by bringing together the disparate eco-initiatives of the various surf companies and achieving greater buying power and leverage in sourcing organic cottons and materials for building clothes. But ASEC also plans to build bridges between the action sports community and the organic foods industry. Additionally, they hope to harness the business power of the industry for greater power in our Nation's capitol.

All told, there was a lot of enthusiasm generated with regard to a greener, cleaner action sports world. The creative energy and enthusiasm in the crowd was palpable. And while the heavy lifting is yet to come, most notably funding and action, the gathering was certainly a milestone for an industry that derives its customer base and identity from the natural world.

Stay tuned to for exciting developments at ASEC. More information on ASEC can be found at:

Don’t forget, International Surfing Day on june 21, 2007. The official surfers’ holiday giving us a chance to promote and celebrate the sport while bringing awareness to the state of our oceans and beaches.