Shark Breaches Outside Of Lowers Lineup During Competition

Despite what the gals comish Jessi Miley Dyer initially had to say about their abrupt half-hour hold of Quarterfinal 1 (ft. Sage vs. Johanne) due to the “ups and downs of the day’s conditions”, word is that a healthy sized (around 6-8ft or so) shark breached just outside the lineup buoy at Lowers. Due to obvious reasons, and the WSL’s track record with the man in grey, the safe route of letting things sort themselves out sans jerseys in the water has been made.

Yes, sharks are scary. Yes, they can do damage. But sighting a juvenile around Southern California waters is not uncommon. According to self-proclaimed shark expert and SURFING editor at large Taylor Paul, “They enjoy cruising in warm water. Eating fish, not pinnipeds, so they’re likely not to bite humans thinking they’re food.”

Shall the girls brave the fish and get the Quarters underway? Apparently Sage is game. Competition should resume shortly.