Shea Lopez Interview

What comes to mind when you hear the name Shea Lopez?

Maybe you think of that horrible looking wipeout from the 2003 Pipe Masters that derailed his WCT plans for 2004. Or maybe you think of that smooth as silk frontside cutback that he is so well known for. Any way you look at it, Shea Lopez is an experienced veteran of the WCT tour, who will be returning to action this year after having major knee reconstruction surgery. caught up with Shea as he was dashing off to catch a flight back to the East Coast.

SURFING: How's life treating you?

Shea Lopez: I'm doing really well.

SURFING: How's the knee?

Shea Lopez: It's been a long year with my knee, but I'm healthy again and strong. I can't wait to start the new year.

SURFING: Is it safe to say that the knee is {{{100}}}% yet?

Shea Lopez: It's gonna be a while before the knee is 100%, but every day I feel better and stronger. I can't wait until March (the start of the 2005 WCT season).

SURFING: Do you have anything planned for your schedule between now and the start of the WCT season?

Shea Lopez: Not really. I'm just going to be watching for swells and hoping that the right system pops up and we can chase it down and get some good barrels.

SURFING:Well, good luck with that, and good luck on the 2005 WCT tour. Now go catch your flight!

Shea Lopez: Thanks.