Kids lined up early along a long rock wall that sits above the waters edge of the Kewalo Basin – smack dab in the middle of Oahu's South Shore just after 6:45 am on a Saturday morning. There's a buzz in the air for good reason, the swell is pumping and the conditions are absolutely perfect with light offshore winds. The group of anxious contestants are waiting patiently to see the heat draw. They're here to participate in the first annual, first ever, Hurley Rip My Shredstick surf contest. The Rip My Shredstick tour is an unconventional series of events that run from Hawaii to Puerto Rico, along the east coast coastline and culminate on the west coast.

What exactly do we mean by unconventional? Well, for starters, the competitors aren't allowed to ride their own surfboards. Each competitor pulls a ping-pong ball with one of our pro surfers names printed across the top. Among those names were, Rob Machado, Timmy Curran, Pat O'Connell, Kahea Hart and Aamion Goodwin. Once the grom pulls one of the pros names from a bag, they collect their jerseys and meet up with the randomly selected pro. So say you're one of the competitors and you pull out a ping-pong ball with Rob Machado’s name on it. You'd walk over to Rob, he'd shake your hand, look you up and down and hand you a board that he thinks you'll be able to shred on. He then suggests a certain peak for you to ride, gives some tips on strategy and away you go.

Results from the first stop:1st – Derek Wong
2nd – Kaiea Besgra
3rd – Johan Hedeman
4th – Stu Cornvelle
5th – Kailani JabourThe day was amazing and all the groms had a blast! For extended stories, photo's and captions go to: www.Hurley.comNext stop San Juan, Puerto Rico!