Puerto Rico is a place that brings so many incredible elements together that it's hard to open a story focusing on one point. So first we'll talk about the great people that make up the amazing state. Puerto Ricans or Boricua as the proud locals are best recognized are friendly, caring, passionate people. They love life and live it to the fullest.

When the Rip My Shredstick crew comprised of Rob Machado, Pat O'connell, Timmy Curran, Saxon Boucher, Jeff Hurley and Boricua-native Otto Flores arrived at the small beachside town of Isebala, there was an immediate sense of aloha spirit in the air and a warm welcoming from all the excited young competitors and their families.

The Puerto Rican event was a huge success and left a lasting impression on both the 48 competitors as well as all the Hurley pros.

Keep an eye out for the Hurley ShredStick Tour Bus – now headed for the East Coast