Stoked Grom-ettes at the North Carolina Shred Stick Event
North Carolinians have spirit! When the Rip My Shredstick bus pulled up in front of C Street, Wrightsville Beach, whispers made their way down the aisle with talk of cancellation. The crew on board wasn't afraid to get wet in the ugly weather we just didn't think any of the competitors would be very excited to participate. While thunderstorms continued to bombard the local area we were sure the event would have to be postponed. Almost the moment we were going to make the official call, kids consistently came out of the woodworks armed with boardshorts and wetsuit tops. Parents and friends also showed up to brave the foul weather. We ran the entire event in an expression session format. The waves were completely rippable and we ended up having another great event. To keep dry, we moved the awards ceremony to a great little pizza joint in town.

Results from event # 5
C Street, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

1st Cody Leutgenf
2nd Michael Farrell
3rd Josh Torres
4th Ben Rose
5th Mason Barnes
6th Zach Bland

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