Pat and Timmy flex their mojo with a grom
Rob Machado, Pat O'Connell, Timmy Curran, Micah Byrne, Saxon Boucher and all of the RMSS staff loaded into the Hurley tour bus and headed north from Hurley HQ located in Costa Mesa, CA on a B-line for Santa Cruz, CA. Greeted by unusually cold weather for a summer month, the eighth stop of the RMSS tour got underway in fun contestable surf.

Local hero's Josh Loya and Joey Hudson brought down hot drinks and food for the fifty plus shivering groms on hand.

Four and half hours later, the competition concluded with the following results:1stAshton Madley
2nd Nat Young
3rd Miles Clanton
4th Brandon Barnes
5th Tony Ellis
6th Cheyne PearsonSee you in Oxnard tomorrow!

The groms made the most of what the surf had to offer