Kelly Slater breaks records— that's what he does. He was the youngest surfer to ever win a world title, the first-ever to win six, and is tied with the sport's greats for countless other unheard-of feats. Whether he's surfing the perfect heat like he did in Tahiti this year or in a position to challenge Tom Curren's event-wins record of 33 after posting victories 27 and 28 in Tahiti and Fiji, Slater never ceases to amaze.It's been seven years since Slater last wore the crown, but from the looks and sounds of it, he's keen to repeat his reign. Here's a few musings courtesy of the man himself after his triumph in Fiji— read it like he wrote it. –{{{M}}}.B.

"My achievements of late have allowed me to see that opening up to seeing change in life can be a positive thing. I became aware of a few things I was doing that were closing me down to doing my best and accessing my abilities so I changed them. Now I'm feeling much freer and excited to figure out myself more. The surfing results are just a signal of that change, but definitely good feedback.I'm enjoying myself in competition again and that's really the key for me now. I still get frustrated and have to fight to get the best out of myself, but I decided that I was either going to enjoy what I'm doing or quit. That allowed me to do either and have more fun.At the moment I'm sitting back and looking for more ways to access myself and my abilities to keep things happening in the coming months. There's a lot more to life than we see and it sucks to get stuck in this way of thinking that surfing or results or anything like that, is all we have to achieve in what we are doing. It's easy to do that and forget the rest of our lives.Only one person will win the title every year. I intend to have fun one way or another and enjoy what I get to do. I've had an exceptionally good time lately. I don't remember it feeling like this. I was always too worried about the next one back then. Now I am excited for what's to come. I just had to let go of the finish from two years ago and realize I haven't been giving it my all. I am now.I would love to win 7. Doing that would probably sit very well with me and give me a sense of relief and calmness."

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