Sneak Preview: October 2008 Issue

SURFING MAGAZINE'S THIRD ANNUAL GREEN ISSUE (OCTOBER 08)ON SALE THIS WEEKBe sure to check out our third installment of an issue that's entirely dedicated to bettering and protecting our oceans. This year, we travel deep into {{{Baja}}} to explore the mounting development plans and why we might be at fault this time. From there, we take you to the trenches of Sumba, where Rob Machado pitches in and helps dig wells for the Hurley H20 project at one of the world's best lefts. Finally, SURFING editor Nathan Myers hitches a ride with Dave Rastovich as he travels the coast of Chile, spreading his anti-whaling message and surfing some slabs on the side. It's all in here, plus a ton more from the green screen. Get it now before it biodegrades.