SHARK ATTACK – Solana Beach

Details are still sketchy at this point, but there was a confirmed fatal shark attack in Solana Beach this morning. Dave Martin, 66, of Solana Beach, CA was swimming in a group off the break known as Pill Box when he was struck from behind in his legs. Members from the group immediately heard his cries for help and swam back to help bring him to safety. Authorities say the group was swimming approximately 150 yards out from the shore when the attack occurred. The 22-inch bite struck an artery and he died on the scene due to blood loss despite the enormous effort from officials and medical air support.

According the the Florida Museum of Natural History, There have been a total of 10 confirmed attacks in San Diego County since 1926. One of those attacks was fatal on June 14, 1959. Robert Pamperin, 33, was killed while freediving for abalone in La Jolla Cove La Jolla, California, by what was estimated to be a 20-foot (6 m) plus length Great White. His body was not recovered, and witnesses described him being swallowed whole, feet-first.

On January 26, 1989 Tamara McAllister, 24, was killed while kayaking off the coast of {{{Malibu}}}, California with her boyfriend, Roy Jeffrey Stoddard. McAllister’s body was found floating face down two days later with large sections from her legs and buttocks missing; no trace of Stoddard has ever been found. The attack was called into question and has not been listed as confirmed.

Other Known Southern California attacks include 5 in LA County and 1 in Orange County. None of them being Fatal. Bringing a grand total of 16 attacks since 1929.This data was collected and confirmed in the International Shark Attack File at The Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida.

Currently, beaches in the area are closed as officials scour the coast for the shark, believed to be a great white.

Stay tuned as we gather more information and photos to come….

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