Win Filipe Toledo’s Surfboard – Via our Spinning at the speed of now giveaway.

Via our Spinning at the speed of now giveaway.

spinning-newsletter-giveawayBuy the movie here.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had one of Filipe Toledo’s surfboards.

Full-rotation air reverses would become commonplace. Your backhand twirl game would improve drastically. Every turn would be fast — like a Bolivian jaguar’s pounce fast. You’d become so insanely good at surfing that you’d have to bat away gorgeous members of the opposite sex always with an almost annoying sense of regularity. Life would be but a dream.

Maybe that’s all hypothetical. But there’s only one way to find out — enter this giveaway and win Filipe’s board.

It’s simple. Buy the movie. Enjoy the movie. Pick your favorite 15 seconds of the movie. Film your screen for those 15 seconds and upload the clip to Instagram with the hashtag #spinningprizepack and tag @surfingmagazine. On October 30th, we’ll pick a winner. If that winner is you, we’ll send you one of Filipe’s boards and a prize pack from Hurley. And your life will hypothetically change.

By the way, here’s a bit more on the movie:

Spinning At The Speed Of Now is a SURFING Original film that shines a spotlight on Filipe Toledo. Over the course of seven months, Filipe traveled with Josh Kerr, Damien Hobgood, Carlos Munoz, Miguel Pupo, Stevie Pittman and Victor Bernardo to Panama, Costa Rica, Australia and Indonesia. The end result is a high-energy surf movie that showcases what one of the world's most exciting young surfers does when he's not wearing a contest jersey.

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