Italo Ferreira, Victor Bernardo And Kai Hing To Billabong

JW15LP5D0440Victor Bernardo. Photo: Jimmicane

Did it ever bother you to look at the nose of Victor Bernardo’s surfboard and see a gigantic shaka with the words “Hang Loose” staring back at you? Probably not. Still, we’re pleased to inform you that you won’t soon be subjected to that sight again.

Victor — along with Kai Hing and 2016 CT Rookie of the Year Italo Ferreira — recently inked up with Billabong. This may or may not have a significant impact on your life, depending on how dedicated you are as a consumer/your affinity for logos/any psychological conditions that result in intense emotional reactions to the news of professional surfers signing with new brands/if you rely on consistent reminders in order to hang loose.

At any rate, we just thought you should know.

2Q3Z8097Italo Fereirra. Photo: Peter Taras