September Swell Hits Gstaad Charity

On the evening of September 6th in Manhattan, glasses clinked and excited guests of the September Swell Hits Gstaad charity event browsed through a small, yet stunning collection of private, autographed Malloy photography, oil originals by Tyler Cummings, a signed collection by Flame and Micronesian oil originals by Kaitie Schroer. The ambience of Gstaad's candle lighted tables complimented Chris Malloy's beautiful photography as an exclusive, special event Woodshed film was shown to exhibit the serene beauty of Micronesia. Drinks and music were interrupted for moments only as Chris Malloy fished raffle tickets from a hat, giving away DVD's from Woodshed, Patagonia apparel, watches by NIXON and a framed photo piece Keith Malloy brought with him.

The special film featured surfers including Tom Curren, Andy Irons, Sunny Garcia, and Rob Machado. Tossing this in with great music by Jack Johnson and others, the film easily captivated both surfer and non-surfer alike in an exhilarating combination of grinding, tropical barrels, lush, rainforest scenery, the youth of Micronesia and ruins of ancient civilizations. Watch for some of this epic footage to be shown again in the next Woodshed film release.

September Swell Hits Gstaad was put together by 4 friends to benefit MAHI International and was a wonderful success overall. The silent auction of exquisite artwork, fashionable clothing by designers such as Patagonia, Ted Baker, Kasil Jeans and Marc Jacobs, a custom REEF dartboard signed by Mick Fanning, and combo packages of NIXON watches with Moonshine/Woodshed DVD's accounted for the largest portion of raised funds. These generous companies and artists can be given the credit for thousands of dollars raised to be used in Micronesian education and in helping MAHI promote "green" power alternatives.

MAHI International would like to thank Joachim Attefjord, Karin Bennett, Lauren Chao, Todd Drosselmeier for organizing such a wonderful event. MAHI thanks Anthony and Ande of GSTAAD for hosting such a wonderful party and for their giving spirit. MAHI wants to recognize the Malloy family; the generosity of Keith, Chris, Dan and Coley and their selfless efforts are unquestionable and their contribution proved to be the foundation of the party's success. Finally MAHI wants to thank REEF, Ted Baker, Kasil Jeans, NIXON, Patagonia, and the guests who attended since each ticket purchased contributed a percentage to MAHI.