Stephanie Gilmore Interview

Stephanie Gilmore breaks down the last leg of the Tour and her chances of capturing the title.

It's her rookie year on the tour and 19-year-old Stephanie Gilmore is already sitting in the top spot. This bubbly Aussie has already made a name for herself by clinching the Roxy Pro Gold Coast in 2005 as a wildcard. We caught up with Steph while she was waiting for her quarterfinal heat at the Mancora Peru Classic, the sixth stop on the ASP Women's Tour. With the swell due to fill in at the long, left point tomorrow, we chatted about the event, scoped out the rest of the tour and found out what she'd do if she wins the World Title.

SURFING MAGAZINE: Peru's new on the tour this year. What do you think about the wave and the contest?

STEPHANIE GILMORE: Yeah, the wave that the contest is at this year is pretty fun. It's a left. It's great because it's definitely the best waves we've had on the tour this year so far. I guess it spices up the world title race.

Who in your mind has been surfing the best so far on the tour leading up to this contest?

All the girls have really stepped it up this year. It's gotten a whole lot harder to make a tour heat. I think Silvana's been blowing everyone away right now. She's definitely, in my eyes, the best female surfer. At the moment, I'd probably say Chelsea as well. Sofia and Sam Cornish have had a pretty good run, too. I think Melanie Bartels, as well. She's getting a lot more confident in herself, it's great to see.

This is your first year on the tour and you're currently number one. How does that feel?

It feels insane! Everything happens so quickly, I mean Silvana's only {{{80}}} points behind me and behind her I think it's {{{200}}}-{{{300}}} points between 1st and 3rd. I really feel like I'm in first position between the 3 other girls behind me.

What will you do if you win?

I can't even imagine the feeling. It would be nuts. I don't even know what I'd do. I'd probably have the biggest grin on my face. I think I'd just take a big breath and take it all in.

After this event you only have two more contests in Hawaii. Do you feel prepared?

Yea, I'm really excited for Hawaii. They're all right-handers, so I'm feeling really confident. You know all the girls charge hard, and I'm shitting myself as well knowing Layne and Rochelle are going to want to run Sunset when its 10 foot. I'm so pumped to surf Honolua. That wave is one of my favorites and to surf it with only one other person out has got to be incredible. So I'm really gonna just cherish that moment rather than think about the World Title.

Who is your biggest competition in Hawaii?

Layne always goes really strong in Hawaii, especially Sunset and Honolua. I think Chelsea as well. She loves big waves, especially Honolua. She'll probably surf the best out of everyone out there.

Well, good luck.


Don’t let her humility fool you – Steph is a ringer at Sunset