Surf With Jordy

Ever show up to the beach dying to paddle out but you don't have your board? It happens. So, when DVS asked surfers to get creative with their International Surfing Day Challenge and videotape themselves shredding on the most unique object they could find, 8th grader Breyden Taylor from Dana Point, California took table manners to a whole new level. Judges named Breyden the winner for paddling out on an everyday foldout table. Sure, its bulky dimensions and flat rocker isn't your usual grom sled, but Breyden made it work. As grand prizewinner, Breyden was awarded a signed Merrick by wonder-boy Jordy Smith himself, as well as a chunky box of DVS goodies valued at about $500. If that wasn't enough, Breyden was able to take Jordy out to T-Street for a session -- although this time, the boys were turning heads with their surfing rather than their unconventional choice of equipment. Congratulations Breyden!

Breyden Taylor

Jordy lays it on a rail