Surfer Missing On The North Shore

North Shore.
A wild and potentially tragic day on the North Shore. Photo: Brent Bielmann

The Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa was called off today. Waves are said to be upwards of 20-foot Hawaiian, but damaged by the wrong direction and the wrong wind. Despite the imperfect conditions, surfers endeavored to some of the island’s best big waves with high hopes. Unfortunately, news broke just after 12:00pm HST of a possible tragedy at one of the outer reefs. Kirk Passmore, better known as “Red”, was surfing one of the lesser known outer reefs with a crew of friends when disaster struck. Early reports say that he fell on a bomb, broke his leash and it’s speculated that he may have ruptured his eardrum. Eardrum issues are known to disintegrate equilibrium, and Passmore was seen swimming down, not up, after the fall. As of 4:30pm HST, Passmore has not been found.

More details as they come. Until then, may all our thoughts and prayers be with Kirk and his family.