Surfing Magazines Surfer/ShaperTrip for the 2007 Surfboard Issue – Update # 2

Josh. Spinning.
It was a slow-clap moment. A movie ender. One of those times when even a hoot isn't quite enough. The waves were firing with new long period swell, blue and offshore. Timmy Patterson pulled out a fresh 6'9" bullet he made for himself and proceeded to post up deep on the reef to setup for a nugget. He landed a rare 8-foot runner that held up from deep up the point and through the inside chopping block. Under an ovation of hoots Timmy blitzed through the tube and got barfed out on the shoulder right where Pat O'Connell, his long time team rider and buddy sat, simply smiling. "Are you kidding me?" Pat said as Timmy kicked out and jumped towards him. "Look at this guy. That's so cool." Pat, who was paddling out for the first time since doing a pile driver into the reef, landing him a head full of stitches a few days ago, couldn't have asked for a better welcome back to the lineup. Hugs. High fives. Hoots and massive smiles followed. The session crescendo. And it's these moments that are making this trip so special. I guarantee Pat-O was more stoked to be sitting there on the shoulder watching Timmy dust off the shaping dust while getting shacked than he would be doing it himself. And Timmy. Well, he hasn't stopped smiling since then.

SURFING’s own Travis Ferre – making us proud
And the beauty of it all is that Timmy isn't the only one scoring. Glenn Pang locked into a few almondy ones Monday at a righthander. Greg Geiselman often looks like Fanning with his forehand swoop. And Phil Byrne is stoked as a grommet to be here surfing with his 19-year-old son Parrish (who got more barrels this morning than anyone the whole trip so far) and team rider Phil Macdonald. The feel good moments are endless.Oh, and Rusty finally made it, too. He'd been out cruising the Mentawaiis with his old buddy Martin Daly on the Indies IV for the past few weeks and finally made the trek over to the Kandui resort to join us, bringing with him a very "stoked to be here" vibe. He's been sipping carefree Bintangs and looking very jovial. "I think this has been one of the funnest years I've ever had shaping," he said over lunch to Josh Kerr and Glenn Pang. "Everyone is so open to everything now. It's a great time to be shaping." And we couldn't agree with him more.

Swell came up again. No can dui
I mean, look at us. We're here, surrounded by an infestation of surfboards the likes of which we would have never seen a mere two years ago. Phil Byrne had to laugh coming back from a surf the other day, "I reckon we've got at least 8 grand worth of surfboards on this boat…probably more." And that was just on the speedboat to go surf. The island itself looks like an exotic surfboard dealership. Shiny new TL2 Surftechs. Four-fin EPS {{{hybrids}}}. Fishes. Parabolic, graphite strengthened experiments. They're all here for the testing. Just sitting there begging for a test shred. Just cruising the stacks in the resort's boardroom would make any surfer salivate. And with a playful righthander just out front, several other world class waves around the corner and the world's best surfers and shapers talking shop, we're bound to come back with the goods. So stay tuned as we continue updating you directly from the beautiful Kandui Resort in the Mentawaiis; and be on the lookout for SURFING Magazine's annual Surfboard issue for the full story on this trip.