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This Weeks Surfer of the Week: Chris Malloy

As part of a continuing effort to make more interactive and fun, we are asking readers to email us at and nominate their friend or neighbor to be “Surfer of the Week.” We are looking for inspiring stories about real surfers who do amazing things. This week's “Surfer of the Week” is Chris Malloy.

The big-wave charger/pioneering director organized an innovative fundraiser for the Asian tsunami victims, which netted over $15,000. The project was unique because the money went directly to the co-host of the event Adam Kobayashi of Sumateran Adventures. Kobayashi left for Sumatra yesterday to buy and deliver supplies to victims himself. “Sometimes it's hard to know if you're money's going directly to the people in need, but this way we know it is,” said Malloy.

He followed up this act of goodwill by donning a 4/3 wetsuit, tying himself to an Oak tree and saving people and animals caught in raging floodwaters in Ojai. He said the experience was, “Way heavier than surfing twenty-foot waves.”

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