May The Best Mag Win

SURFING MAGAZINE silences the competition in the inaugural Pac Sun Battle of the Brands event

Surfing’s champs: (L to R) Scott Chenoweth, Ross Garrett, Travis Ferre, & Evan Slater

We won't get into our competitors' group email smack-down and our decision to stay out of the verbal volley in the weeks leading up to the event. We won't even get into the loudest instigators' embarrassing performances and mind-boggling meltdowns during the event itself. But what we will say is this: SURFING silenced 'em all when it counted most.

And it wasn't even close.

In the inaugural Pac Sun Battle of the Brands event held in waist-high junk at Huntington Beach on Friday, SURFING used smarts, experience and its small-wave wizard, HB native and Associate Editor Travis Ferre, to leave the rest of the media in the Huntington dust by a margin of seven points. The closest competitor, sister pub Surfer Mag, saw editor Chris Mauro's valiant effort go to waste when his teammates couldn't follow suit.

SURFING's crew, including Publisher Ross Garrett, Editor Evan Slater, Associate Art Director Scott Chenoweth and Ferre, spent less time on their email comebacks and more time in the water in the days leading up to the event, running mock heats in San Clemente and Huntington. This proved to pay off big as the unique format – a 50-minute tag team heat where each surfer rides two waves that are both added to the total score – proved too much pressure for the other squads.

But not for SURFING.

With Slater, Garrett and Chenoweth's rides in the bank, Ferre paddled out with 23 minutes remaining. He caught one solid right, then waited all the way to the one-minute mark for his second score. Then it came. One of the only real sets of the entire heat, and Ferre dismantled it for another 6 and the resounding victory.

SURFING cheerleaders Lauren, Dawn and Steph went crazy on the beach, fans did the wave in the bleachers, and we finished right where we knew we would all along: with our heads held high and a $10,000 ad buy from PacSun.

Thanks to PacSun, Surfing America and especially our fellow competitors for making the event so thoroughly enjoyable. Let's do it again next year. Oh, and keep those claims coming.

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