Surfing Con Man Strikes Again

Just over a year ago, we published a story about a con man calling around and impersonating various pros. He'd hit up surf shops, associates and other unsuspecting do-gooders, say he was [insert pro's name here], lost all his contacts, in a desperate situation at some airport and needed money wired to him. A lot of people fell for it, thinking they'd just helped Adam Wickwire or Christian Fletcher or John John Florence. Then they'd find out they'd just been duped.

The Con Man's been quiet in the last 12 months, but with his stock portfolio likely dwindling, he decided to give it another shot - and he got away with it...again. Here's what happened: One Track Mind producer Tim Lynch got a call yesterday from "Dino Andino," who was stuck in some airport without any contacts and needed money wired to him. He said he was trying to get a hold of "Chris Malloy," as he obviously knew that Chris and Dino were tight and that Dino's son Kolohe is featured in the film. He rattled off a few other details that convinced Tim he was the real deal, and since had never heard the initial reports of the con man, he figured it was legit.

"It sounded sketchy," says Lynch, "but he knew way too much for me to really question it. I honestly thought Dino was just in a tough bind." After wiring the money to the guy, Chris and Tim later learned they'd been duped.

This is clearly someone who has intimate knowledge of the surf industry. If anyone receives a call from any "pro" needing money, DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Better yet, call the police.