8 Dollars in Change

Surfing Magazine's 2008 Editorial {{{Summit}}} Heads to {{{Baja}}}

Stoked to be us. Baja bound. 30 packs of T-Cats. Frozen food. Killer coolers. Notepads, shred sticks, and a truckload of inspirational mags in the back. It was full volume "Sam Rock" all the way down and morale was high. Night number one of SURFING Magazine's 2008 editorial conference was on. Loud Party notices. Jacuzzis. Margis. Just laughing. Several groundbreaking ideas were thought of and forgotten. Excessive toasting took place and the SURFING Mag crew danced, took after hour swims and danced some more. Karaoke (K)evan and Ross "Smooth Criminal" Garrett led the festivities into the wee hours of the morning until we were put to bed by our final "loud party notice" from the Las Gaviotas security.And then we woke up. Some under tables. Some on couches. Some still sitting up. But all ready to work. Groggy but alert thanks to instant coffee, we went over the 2007 volume. We critiqued, applauded, back patted and nit picked through every issue. Page by glossy page. We put in hours of brainstorming; mixed in pool breaks, surf breaks and Lemon Perrier headaches to finally make our way through the conference. After 2 sweaty, 10 hour days, we confidently assure you that 12 fresh issues of SURFING will be coming your way next year, and you're gonna be stoked.But after all that business, it was off to celebrate one last time. Sunset beers on the point. More toasting. High fives. And a few last renditions of Europe's "Final Countdown" broke it down on the final night.

See – we really DID do some work while in Baja
Unfortunately, after that we were quickly pulled over by the cops. Apparently a person in the bed of the truck is only legal sometimes in Mexico. So we got a good Federale shakedown; left scrounging for cash to pay our ticket. We pulled together 68 bucks. A small price to pay to avoid the "station." Then when we handed him the money, we were handed back 8. "Go get a drink on me," he said."Gracias," we said, stoked to be free. So we did as we were told and took the 8 bucks, grabbed some Tecate and went home. After 3 days encased in the maximum-security sweatbox of Las Gaviotas that's all that remained a 12 pack of Tecate and 12 incredible issues of SURFING Magazine on deck.***Special thanks to El Oso Boracho, Europe's "The Final Countdown", Dawn Triemstra, Justin Heit, Gaviotas security, The Federales, and Tecate***