Age: 34
Years shooting: 10
Preferred camera equipment: Nikon, Red, Liquideye water housings and Go Pro
Current residence: Indonesia and Europe
Social: @inwaterwetrust

These days there are a lot of "surf photographers". Almost anyone can hit the beach and snap a sellable moment, or build a business via their social media channels. And of course, a lot of long-time professionals despise this practice, because it makes it harder for them to make a living. Not Diogo. As much as the overexposure may make earning a decent living harder, Diogo would never consider doing anything else. He loves photography too much, and he has nothing but respect for those who pursue their passion at all costs. "I love the amount of people that choose to starve and go broke just to do what they love."

Miguel Blanco – Indo Shade from Miguel Blanco on Vimeo.

Diogo’s POV of Miguel Blanco