You Can Demand A Surf Video

Surfing Video on Demand
Click the image to go to SURFING Video On Demand.

Remember buying a surf video when you were a kid? The nostalgic smell of surf wax bursting through the air, the half-stoned employee behind the big and bright counter (look at all those stickers!), the way you tugged at your mom's sundress or your dad's baggy Quiksilver boardshorts until they surrendered their wallet and forked a few bills over to that indifferent Phish fan on the other side of the oversized and over-stickered cash register?

Well times have changed. And for the better.

To buy a surf video these days, you need not do it from behind a big and bright counter. You need not tug at your father's still baggy, still Quiksilver boardshorts. You need not even leave your house. All you need to do is click, and the video is there at your fingertips. (With a little exchange of currency behind the scenes, but what good is money anyway?)

SURFING Magazine just launched a Video On Demand platform and you can peruse it here. We already post every web clip you need to see but in the coming months, you'll be able to find the best of the best surf movies in one place — no more searching iTunes and finding 37 different country songs when you type "Attractive Distractions." And, thankfully, no more interacting with a disinterested Phish fan just to get your entertainment fix.