SURFING x Facebook Online Darkroom

Easy digital access to NSSA Nationals photos

In an effort to bring 2009 NSSA Nationals competitors free, digital access to their shots from the contest, we present the SURFING x Facebook Online Darkroom. Here’s how it works:

1. NSSA Nationals competitors send a Facebook friend request to “SURFING AT NATIONALS

2. Our most experienced photographers head down to Lowers to shoot the heats…your heats!

3. Following the day’s action, we upload and tag the best photos on the “SURFING At Nationals” Facebook page. If you’re not a friend, you can’t get tagged, so get online and add us ASAP.

4. You can download, post, print, and share your photos with the world for free. Send them to sponsors. Impress a girl. Make a poster for your wall of you ripping.

But remember, in order for it to work, you need to add “SURFING At Nationals” to your Facebook friend list now. After you’ve done that, wax up and hit the water. We’ll see you at Lowers!