SURFING x Gromsearch Video Elections: New Smyrna Beach


Watch, vote, comment and win -- plus scroll down for an interview with U16 champion Evan Geiselman.

Since not all ripping happens in the final, SURFING created the Gromsearch Video Elections to highlight the best rides from throughout each of Rip Curl’s four regional qualifying events in 2010. Watch the clips below from this past weekend’s Florida event at NSB and cast your vote, post your opinion, or -- if you're one of the nominees -- launch yourself a campaign. Yes you can! Regional event winners get a profile piece on SURFINGMAGAZINE.COM, and the season champion gets a full-page “Threat” feature in SURFING Magazine.

And for all spectators interested in free Rip Curl gear:

  1. Vote
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We’ll identify the most original, interesting, vocal campaign supporter and send him or her a box of free Rip Curl product. So simple. So quick. So much surf stuff to give away.

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SURFING Magazine: Congrats on the Gromsearch win, Evan. But really, why are you bullying kids by entering this contest?

EVAN GEISELMAN: [Laughs] The main reason I did the Gromsearch was 'cause it was at New Smyrna and pretty much in front of my house. So I figured I'd do a contest at home for once.

You're like the sixth grader who goes down to the little kids' playground and swats them on the basketball court.

[Laughs] Naw, I don't wanna be like that.

What are you gonna do with your $200?

I usually just save my money, but I'm keeping it out as cash. Maybe get a couple Slurpies or something.

There you go. Tell me about the passion pop you did in that heat.

It was a little passion pop-chop hop. I didn't think it was really cool, but the waves were like knee high. I was messing around, having fun and just surfing.

It wasn't really about surfing your home break, was it? It was about getting a trip to Puerto Rico?

Yeah, yeah. That was definitely the main plot of the whole thing. Going down to Puerto Rico's going to be really cool and I'm looking forward to it because [the Gromsearch National Championships] used to be at Salt Creek. Puerto Rico's really close to my house, the water's warm and the waves are really fun -- I'm looking forward to that.

Do you go down there often?

I probably get down there once every winter. It's kinda hard to get down there, but when I'm home and there's a huge swell and cold front I'll go down there.

I was talking to [Rip Curl Team Manager] Nick Greeninger and he said he was at your birthday party just a few days ago. How old are you?

I'm turning 17 in a week. My mom threw me a little surprise party for my birthday and US Open win.

What's the biggest win of your career so far?

The US Open [Pro Junior], for sure. Just because it was in Huntington with 500,000 people on the beach. It was huge for me. It didn't feel real. And the fact that it was like a stadium was really cool.

So why should kids do the Gromsearch?

It's just a fun contest, and it's all about finding new groms. There are a bunch of different age groups and kids that rip who you don't hear about. It brings out the local talent and gets everyone surfing well.

Don't you think you've already been found?

Ha, yeah. I'm not talking about myself. If the contest were at Sebastian or something I probably wouldn't have done it, but because it was in my town I wanted to.

Well good luck in PR...bully.