SURFING x vitaminwater ISD Photo Request

connerandtom-careyConner Coffin and SURFING’s Tom Carey, getting the shot.

By Matt Skenazy

Growing up (sort of) Jewish in a non-religious community, I always loved it when obscure Jewish holidays came around. I could go to my teachers and say, "Sorry, I can't come to school tomorrow. I have to celebrate Shavuot." Since it sounded like a real excuse (and technically, it was), it gave me a free pass to jet out to the water for a day of surfing, guilt-free.

This technique is available to you on Sunday, June 20th, for the sixth annual International Surfing Day. And while ISD is about celebrating our surf community and cleaning up beaches, it's also about surfing — and it's a great excuse to feed your wife/husband/children/parents/employer so that you can bail on all worldly duties and paddle out. And as if you needed an extra incentive to surf all day…

Send in your best surf action shot (taken of you on ISD) with the time, location and a brief description of how you spent ISD 2010. Our favorites will be posted here on and the best of the best will win a case of vitaminwater every month for a year, as well as a year-long subscription to SURFING.

Email photos and entries to

Deadline is Wednesday, June 23rd