SURFING’s Lost Sections Dept: Alejandro Moreda

The reality of Taylor Steele’s Innersection is that most segments won’t make the movie; the latest round alone saw 54 entries. SURFING would like to pay our respects to some of our favorite, under-appreciated entries that you can no longer see on Innersection. These surfers are just supporting actors now, but by next year, any one could have a leading role.

South America made a huge push in this round. They still are, with Gabe Villeran, Marco Giorgi and Thaigo Camarao all still in contention for the Top 5 DVD slots. Puerto Rican charger Alejandro Moreda probably would have been right their with them accept for a double-clip slip up (the rules are written in English only, poor guys). Innersection had to DQ him before Top 10, but SURFING thinks he deserves another chance. “Innersection is definitely helping progress the sport,” says Alejandro, “It’s just too bad I got called out by some hater. Despite that, the experience was rad.”