SURFING’s Lost Sections Dept: Mustofa Jeksen

The reality of Taylor Steele’s Innersection is that most segments won’t make the movie; the latest round alone saw 54 entries. SURFING would like to pay our respects to some of our favorite, under-appreciated entries that you can no longer see on Innersection. These surfers are just supporting actors now, but by next year, any one could have a leading role.

Balinese surfer Mustofa Jeksen is well-respected for his big-wave charging all around Indo, but barely heard of outside the archipelago. He’s a quite kid, more focused on staying tubed that promoting his image. But Australian ex-pat filmer Sean Gilhooley saw his potential while filming for the local ISC contests and convinced Mustofa to put together a section. He entered an earlier round and barely got a few hundred views…but he came back again with even better waves and just fell short of the Top 10 this round. People are starting to get the picture. “It was great to see good comments from guys like Brad Gerlach and Shea Lopez,” says Mustofa. “Innersection is a good opportunity for Indonesian surfers, because it’s hard to travel for us. But we don’t have the best internet here, so getting locals to watch our sections can be difficult.” --Nathan Myers