Synopsis & Video: Pipe Masters Day 8

Billabong Pipeline Masters Day 8 Synopsis:

  • Surfers endure flatness and storm as waiting period ticks away. Boredom and impatient anxiety take hold. Mostly boredom. Overhead swell on Wednesday finally cues dual-heat format and the completion of Rounds 3-5.
  • In Round 3, Owen Wright drops Parko, who can now only lose the Triple Crown to Ace Buchan. Ace must make the final to heist Joel’s third straight VTCS crown. Thrilling!
  • Kelly Slater clips John (um….John?) Florence in Round 3, then scores a 10 in Round 4, and now faces Ace in the quarters. Drama!
  • Dusty Payne waits until the second hand reads single digits in his heat against Mick Fanning, then sprinkles Dusty Dust on a Backdoor tube, gets housed for 9.87, climbs out from the combo pit, eliminates Mick from the Triple Crown race, requalifies for the 2011 World Tour, and saves team manager/mentor Dave Riddle from stress-induced medical disaster (a stroke, probably) in one fell swoop. Magical!
  • Dusty goes on to lose in Round 5 to Kieren Perrow, 17.90 to 17.67. Dave Riddle expected to make a full recovery. Relief!
  • Steph Gilmore continues to horde trophies, taking out the single-heat Dual for the Jewel — which replaced the Billabong Pro Maui as the Triple Crown’s third female event in 2010 — as well as the Triple Crown race itself. Greed!
  • Dane Reynolds is still in the contest. Mild interest!
  • A champion will be crowned today. Watch here live!