Meet T-Sherms

slater-tshermsNot a bad choice while you’re waiting for that Outerknown gear to come in, eh Mr. Slater? Photo: Sherm

What happens when you combine four live firearms, Michael Rapaport’s character in True Romance (Dick Ritchie, great guy), a keg of Sam Adams summer ale, the Chinese curling team and a fistful of salvia? I don’t know. Sounds like a fucking mess. But what happens when you combine an archive of surfing’s most significant photos with mankind’s natural necessity to wear clothing and their social necessity to look good while doing it? T-Sherms! Longtime SURFING statter Steve Sherman recently made a push with his clothing line, and you’ll find everything you need to know about it below. Now, anyone know how to get in touch with the Chinese Olympic Committee? Got some investigative journalism to take care of. —Bren

SURFING Magazine: So, what are T-Sherms?
Steve Sherman: Over the last couple of years, I’ve been making shirts with my favorite images on them. My partner Ron Johnson started and funded it, then just gave them out to our friends. But we just got a licensing agreement Next Level T-Shirts, so now there’s a little push behind it. We just did the trade shows [Agenda and Surf Expo] and now we’re at all the surf shops in San Diego county and looking to expand.

And here’s a little tidbit on the name. A few years back, Kelly was wearing one of my shirts and his publicist asked him what it was. He replied, “Oh, it’s a T-Sherm.” It was funny, like Kelly just named the company for you!

Do tell more about the shirts.
Well, we’re doing everything from image shirts to pocket tees. We’ve got a few long-sleeve shirts with different materials sewn on there, so there’s a little bit of a cut and sew element but we’re trying to stay very original — different colors on the sleeves and other things like that. The response that we got at trade shows was overwhelming, people liked how it was different from the other stuff out there and that’s exactly what we’re going for.

You doing a line for every season?
Yeah, we’ll do a couple lines a year. The first line has 15 shirts and is just my imagery. But the next will include some other artists, like SURFING’s very own Chato Aganza and a few more. I envision T-Sherms as art shirts, like RVCA in the beginning. Next Level has really soft shirts too, so comfort isn’t sacrificed.

What’s the end game? Are you going to take over the world? Or at least make some pants?
I just want to keep it simple and only make shirts. I used to do a lot of work with Rusty back in the day, and he once told me that the happiest time of his life was when he was only doing shirts. That stuck with me. I just want to be a t-shirt czar.

You got a site people should check out? And my Instagram is @tsherms. I’m putting a lot of eggs in this basket. I really want to work hard at this and hopefully things come into fruition. If Bob Hurley can do it, then so can I.