The team of surfers including; Ross Clark-Jones, Ian Walsh, Tom Carroll, Beau Emerton, Jun Jo, Carlos Burle, and Shimpei Horguchi remained in constant contact with surf forecaster and meteorologist Ben Matson who was hired to give swell updates for the project. The team, spread across five continents and having more accents than you can shake a shaka at, had to be ready to fly at a moments notice. According to Matson,” The swell window generated by a typhoon may last only a few hours so it’s imperative you make the right decision quickly. Missing a flight could mean missing the swell.” The crew is able to score several meaty lefts that sent a couple of their members diving for sushi. After the movie Clark-Jones and Walsh demonstrated what they had learned about Japanese customs by having an impromptu Sumo rumble. The scuffle resulted in a lot of sweat, a split decision and a good night.