Taj Burrow Just Retired

Globe Team surfing at YoYo's, Sumbawa, IndonesiaTaj Burrow. Photo: DJ Struntz

In 1997, Taj Burrow qualified for CT at the age of 17. Then he did what no man (or child) has ever done before: he said no, thank you to his spot on tour.

He qualified again the next year, actually took his spot, and went on to have one of the most exciting careers surfing has ever seen. He got covers. He won events. He made films. He was Taj, and he was amazing.

And after all this time on tour, he’s saying no, thank you once again. Taj just announced his retirement. Fiji will be his last event as full-time tour surfer.

Thanks for all the surfing Taj. We look forward to seeing what you do next.