Taj Burrow Wins O’neill Coldwater Classic 2012

Photos: Jimmicane

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Contest director Chris “Gally” Gallagher couldn’t have planned it better. Surfline probably could have (Not a very good effort by them.) With predictions for an even smaller swell than we saw on a mediocre Monday, most people wore their Bending Colours hangovers on their sleeves Tuesday morning. But others surfed. And some, like Jeremy Flores, surfed with those hangovers.

And lost.

Surfing doesn’t care who’s most prepared, or who’s most in shape. Sure, that stuff matters once in a blue moon, or if you have to surf four heats in one day with no Jet Ski assist. But what matters more is who needs a backup 5.4 with 10 minutes left.

Because you probably aren’t going to get it. Not at the Lane.

Wilko could’ve. But he fell on a basic turn. Kelly could’ve, but he fell on the most standard off the lip ever. Parko could've, but not one decent wave hit the point.

Complain all you want about this wave not being up to world tour level. Hell, throw some golf balls at people if you want. But make sure you remember that this is the real Surf City. Not HB. A court's ruling and 15-year-old sluts don’t determine Surf City. Neither do south swell closeouts into a pier. Jack O’neill establishes Surf City. He fucking invented wetsuits -- sixty years ago.

Taj Burrow won. Matt Wilko got second. Everyone partied in a bar by the wharf with no speakers to celebrate.

But at least they weren't playing reggae or Jack Johnson.


Final Day Highlights