Tales From Lovers’ Land

As your eyes translate these little symbols into a coherent thought, three different sets of eyes are hiding behind dark glasses atop customized motorbikes, looking over the landscape of eastern Australia for something to catch their fancy. They belong to a mobile troupe of surf/art enthusiasts on a trip bred without a purpose – or with a single purpose, if you like, that being not to have one. One set of eyes has spent a lifetime half-shut, leering at the world through a photographic viewfinder for the type of image that draws other eyes and holds them spellbound. Another set hails from the world of fashion and graphic design, storing everything it sees as fodder for a future composition. The third set made a career of scanning lineups for scoring potential, checking for air sections down the line, and staring out from within the barrel of the world's best waves.

The group has set out from Sydney heading north into building swell, assembling friends and co-conspirators along the way; professional surfers, artists and travelers come and go on the journey to nowhere in particular, each giving and taking from the pool of stoke and creativity. Freesurf legends and Tour stars alike show up to share waves, drinks and stories. Amateur bikies flock to the crew every time it slows for feed or petrol: where are the bikes from? Who made them? Where are they going?

The project, deemed Lovers' Land, is being documented in real-time multimedia from the road. Photos, writings, video, art, and all manner of creative debris grace the group's portal at LoversLandBlog.com. Check it regularly over the coming weeks for a taste of the vagabond lifestyle, straight from the seat of a hand-built 650.