Grease Not Gas

Taylor Knox was sick of paying at the pump. Not only did it keep dinging his bank account; it kept dinging the environment. But instead of complaining, he did something about it and became the first ASP World Tour surfer to convert his truck to run on veggie oil. With the help of his sponsor, Rip Curl, he laid down the $3700 it costs to convert a diesel engine. He handed over his 2008 {{{Ford}}} F250 to the crew at Grease Not Gas, and watched as they installed the proper filters, pumps and tank to convert that stuff you fry with to miles on the road. The result is a sleek-looking contraption in the bed of the truck that holds 73 gallons of veggie oil - enough to drive to San Francisco and back and still have enough fuel for some errands around town. "It's incredible," says Knox. "I've only had to fill up a few times since I had it done. There are a lot of places I can go to do it, but I like to go to the Hill Street Caf in Oceanside. I transfer all their unwanted grease into the tank, and I'm good to go. After all these years of driving, I can finally get behind the wheel knowing that I'm doing my part."Knox isn't the first surfer to go veggie oil. The Malloy Brothers converted their truck back in 2005 and did a road trip from Oregon to {{{Baja}}}. But as more and more diesel engines get converted, it's becoming less a novelty and more a necessity. As the first ASP World Tour surfer to make the switch, Knox hopes he can inspire other surfers to do the same. "You get that initial investment back in saved fuel costs so fast," said Knox. "If you have a diesel engine, there's really no excuse. Who wouldn't want free fuel?"

For more on Grease Not Gas, go to Be sure to check the May Issue of SURFING Magazine for our Seven Days with Taylor Knox profile. He's not just forward-thinking with his vehicles; he's forward-thinking with his surfing.

Taylor Knox; powerful surfing and forward thinking