SAN CLEMENTE, CA- SURFING Magazine will partner with Taylor Steele, Poor Specimen Productions and Sipping Jetstreams Media on upcoming film releases. The partnership, which includes the coming films Trilogy, Sipping Jetstreams II, and the yet to be named "Campaign III", will extend into events, tours, print and digital media.

Award-winning producer, Taylor Steele, along with his crew at Poor Specimen, have dominated the surf film industry for the past decade. Steele's movies invariably win praise and garner numerous industry awards. In 1998, The Show won best movie at the Surfer Poll. Loose Change, 2000, won the Australian Surfing Life Reader's Choice Award. In 2002, Steele, along with Chris Malloy, won X-Dance awards for Best Film, Best Cinematography and Best Editing for the movie Shelter. That same year, Poor Specimen produced film Hallowed Ground was named ESPN's Action {{{Sports}}} Movie of the Year.

Steele, whose filmmaking career was kicked into overdrive with the release of Momentum in 1992, defined an era in the sport. The title of the film is now a term that has come to define an entire generation of surfing: The "Momentum Generation," which includes Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox and others. From Momentum, Steele went on to produce 20+ feature films, 4 music videos, and numerous other film and video projects. Always an innovator and ahead of the technological curve, Steele was the first surf filmmaker to switch exclusively to DVD in 2001 and the first to film an entire movie in HD.

"I'm stoked to be working with SURFING Magazine," said Steele. "The magazine is looking incredible and the crew there are doing great things. It's going to be a lot of fun working together and I look forward to the future."

This year, Steele and his team took home best Cinematography at X-Dance for his work on Sipping Jetstreams. During the production of Sipping Jetstreams, Steele set a new precedent in modern surf travel and documentation, partnering with leading lensman, Dustin Humphrey on trips to off-the-radar locations like Egypt and Italy.

SURFING Magazine will serve as official media partner of Steele's films and will work with Steele to produce marketing programs for the films as well as the films' sponsors and partners. The partnership will also lead to new distribution models and content creation.

"Taylor was the inventor of the modern surf movie format," said SURFING Publisher, Ross Garrett, "but he's also a constant innovator from both production and distribution standpoints. In this rapidly changing digital age, we're thrilled to work with such a legendary figure."