Thanks, Steph

Stephanie Gilmore serenades on the guitar

Yesterday, aged 22 years, Stephanie Gilmore chalked her fourth world title in four attempts at the Rip Curl Search event in PR. Contributor C.S. Louis was moved to pen an ode to the lass.

Thank you Steph Gilmore. Thank you for being sexy and beautiful too. For resembling a spawning salmon in women's professional surfing and for just being a babe. For outright f–cking ripping in a non-gender-asterisk-prompting sense. For not being too intense and subsequently bat shit crazy. (Don't get me wrong, I love our ladies to be champions and all, just not at the cost of style.)

Stephanie Gilmore

For smiling so much before, after and during heats. I love your post-heat interviews almost as much as I love Dane's. For being able to do a rail turn. For having an incredibly marketable tagline to embroider on World Champ hats, which makes all men smile. For being feminine but still drinking beers. (Many attempt this, but none with such intrinsic balance and flair.) For being the right amount of Aussie, i.e. the whole "no worries" ethic without the slightest trace of bush pig. For doing the "Steph hits 50 states" thing — I respect that you would want to do that, 'cause I never have. For being akin to the lovely Lisa Andersen in completely changing the game. I've thought this before, but now I'm sure: you're unquestionably the reason all the Sally Fitz's and Coco Ho's shred, in like a real way without any facetious undertone. For not having an annoying high voice and being a little lady shit grom. For not wanting 10, unless of course it happens anyway.

And finally, for the future — when you realize you've accomplished all you ever desired in the competitive realm, and thus walk away at your peak to marry a Californian goofyfoot with a deceptively sick layback and zeal for rum. And as a side note, do you like Tecates? I bet you do.
—C.S. Louis
Photos by Peter Taras