On Saturday 64 kids, along with their parents, trainers and and coaches swarmed Seaside Reef in Southern California for Rip Curl’s annual Grom Search National Finals. While the age limit for the Grom Search series tops out at only 16, this event brings together the best young surfers in America, and more closely resembles a CT than your local youth surf contest. Along with live scoring and a professional webcast, Rip Curl also hired massage therapists for the competitors, and kept the kids fed with Banzai Bowls and Wahoo’s all day.

Because these kids are worth it. The winners will receive an invite to the International Finals at an undisclosed location (word on the street is Rip Curl is still searching for it), where they’ll get the chance to add their name to an impressive list of CT surfers and world champions, including Gabe Medina, Owen Wright, Jordy Smith, Matt Wilkinson, Nat Young, Kolohe Andino, Tyler Wright, Stephanie Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons.

Kudos to Rip Curl for recognizing the importance of nurturing young talent both here in the states and all around the world. Browse the photos above and the names below and get familiar with these kids, because they are absolutely the future of our sport.

Results of the Rip Curl GromSearch presented by Banzai Bowls:

Boy's 16/Under
1. Kade Matson
2. David Economos
3. Parker Cohn
4. Elijah Fox

Girl's 16/Under
1. Caroline Marks
2. Brisa Hennessy
3. Kirra Pinkerton
4. Samantha Sibley

Boy's 14/Under
1. Malakai Martinez
2. Kade Matson
3. Crosby Colapinto
4. Nick Marshall

Boy's 12/Under
1. Jackson Bunch
2. Jett Schilling
3. Robert Grilho III
4. Levi Slawson

Banzai Bowls Maneuver of the Event: Malakai Martinez ($500)
DHD High Heat Total: Caroline Marks, 17.50 points