The CT Goes To North Point?

North Point, looking flawless from all directions. Photo: Corey WilsonNorth Point. Photo: Corey Wilson

Remember the 2014 Drug Aware Pro?

Probably not, so let’s refresh.

Michel Bourez won. Yadin landed a really good air. The waves were mostly average -- aside from the few heats they ran at The Box. See our Flipbook from it here.

The most important word in that paragraph is average. Margaret River is an average wave. It has a rightful place in surfing history and is still better than most places on most days, but for a stop on a World Tour that has the resources to go anywhere? Probably not worthy.

It is, however, surrounded by waves that are.

The Box is one of them, which is great because they’re permitted to run heats there. News just broke that they’ve added North Point to the list of permissible locales this year. As in, this North Point:

That’s worthiness if we’ve ever seen it. You can read more in a story by Swellnet here.

Interesting concept, these mobile contests. It’s said to be a logistical migraine to actually move an event to another site, but it’s a format that could be hugely beneficial if they can find a way to lessen the pain. The hypothetical audible to North Point will be a good test.