The ‘Damn Daniel’ Kid Just Got A Free Surfboard From Ellen

The Internet is a strange, strange place - and yet, it’s a beautiful thing. Because what were once just two buds from Riverside, California are now overnight superstars all due to an inside joke and the rapid popularity millions of kids on their cell phones can induce onto a subject. If you’re unfamiliar with the “Damn Daniel!” phenomenon, see here:

Josh and Daniel just went on the Ellen show and, along with a lifetime supply of Vans, Ellen gifted the Spicoli looking gentleman with what looks to be a nifty little 5’8″.

So if you’re in need of a new board, the steps are as follows.

-Find unassuming subject

-Sarcastically mock his wardrobe.

-Make said video seen by tens of millions of people overnight.

-Accept invitation to Ellen show.

-Give producer preferred dimensions.

-Graciously accept surfboard.

Easy as that.