Check this lineup:

    Matt Meola
    Craig Anderson
    Peter Devries
    Gabriel Villeran
    John John Florence
    Clay Marzo

From the looks of the top six contenders, Taylor Steele's Innersection project seems to be working. While they're not exactly unknown surfers vying for the final $100,000 grand prize, they're not Steele's classic roster of guys either. And they're all worthy of the win.

"To see these five or six guys at the top really validates this project for me," says Taylor from his newly adopted home in Australia. "We didn't know exactly how this was all going to play out, but to me this is what it was all about."

Sometimes it seems like Innersection has just been here all along. Like finding top new surfers and filmmakers via an online contest is just the way it's always been done. But really, this is just the first year. It hasn't even finished yet.

Top six contender and all-around man of the year John Florence is recovering from a back injury. A hundred gees might help. Photo: Ryan Foley

But soon.

Next week. March 2nd. Amidst the hubbub and hoopla of everything else going down on the North Shore, Innersection will be announcing its first $100,000 GoPro Hero Section winner. A true people's choice for the year's best submission.

"Anyone who bought the DVD got to vote for what they thought was the best section," explains Taylor. "It's pretty crazy that it ended up being so close."

Innersection recently leaked that the top two sections were less than three votes apart. With voting closing this Friday, you might just see Meola, Ando or Devries at the local surf shop buying up all the local stock to push themselves over the top. Let's see: spend $5,000 to win $100,000…yeah, that math works.

If you happen to be on the Goldie next week for the Quiky, swing by the Komune Beach Resort and join the party. Ozzie Wright will be playing some of his latest ukulele songs. Corona's pouring free beers for anyone dressed in blue. Skullcandy's got DJs lined for the after party. Clif Bars is dropping free energy treats poolside. And GoPro is showing up with a huge check…which should eventually force some poor fool into buying the rest of us shots. "Shots all around!" Just keep yelling that and see what happens.

You might even get to see the non-$100k winners cry. Try to get a picture. We'll put it on our website.

And then what? After all the shots and all the dudes crying and no more Clif Bars or free Coronas…what then?

"Next month we're starting it all over again," says Taylor. "I guess we're beyond the point of still calling this thing an experiment, but sometimes it still feels like that. We've got some evolutions for the judging system, trips for all the qualifiers and hopefully more lots of new surfers showing up with creative projects. It's funny, but we never really know who's gonna show up."

Shots all around! —Nathan Myers