The Field Narrows

Nate Tyler. Photo: Carey
Nate Tyler. Photo: Carey

Ten surfers remain, and you have three days left to go to and pick your top five. Here's ours.

After thousands of views, hundreds of comments, and some good old fashioned down to the wire drama, the field has dwindled to ten. Forty official Innersection judges picked the top ten winter videos and now it's on you to go back and make your top picks. Remember, five of these surfers will make it in the video, and one will be the winner of the Winter Round. To help you out we're giving you our top five…

#1 Nate Tyler:

We were all unanimous on this one. It epitomized why Innersection is going to be something special. A talented surfer bursting from nowhere with one of the best surf segments we've seen in a while. Great on all levels. Will put Nate back on the map in a big way.

Nate Tyler. Photo: Carey
Nate Tyler. Photo: Carey

#2 Dylan Graves:

He filmed his part in two weeks at home in Puerto Rico and in Barbados. A great combination of big waves and small waves, and a nice smooth edit

#3 Nat Young:

Another guy that filmed his part in a short amount of time. It needs work, but when it shines, it's definitely one of the best out there. We all hated the song, but agreed that Nat's is a part we would like to see if he had the time to get more footage and work out some of the kinks.

#4 Mikala Jones:

Mikala just being Mikala. A great skit and a great change of pace section for any movie; it'll balance out the flying grommets. Our biggest concern is, what about for the next round? All his footage looks like it was taken from a pretty big chunk of time. If he can keep up the pace he should be in there.

#5 Shaun Cansdell:

Rounding out our Top Five, and barely sneaking by Mike Losness, Shaun is another guy who will benefit by doing things his way. If he can get some creative help, like he has here, he's a shoe-in.

Now go to and pick your favorites already.