The Future is Tomorrow


Jack Robinson, Kanoa Igarashi and Leonardo Fioravanti are the future. A few moments with them

Words By Chas Smith; Photos By Quiksilver / Bosko

Watch this video and watch it good. Kanoa, Jack and Leo are the future of surfing. But they are also the right now. They are already richer than you and they also already surf better than you and they also already surf better than some on the CT. They are 12.

Kanoa has had 30 NSSA wins in a season. It is a record. Jack was won Taj's Small Fries more than once while competing against young men. Leo made it to the quarterfinals of the World Juniors while also competing against young men.

Jack can do kerrupt flips. Leo's home break in Italy is called "Banzai." Kanoa has more trophies than Huntington Beach High School (go Oilers!). Leo has women cued up around the contest site waiting for even a few syllables of Italian poetry.

Download this video and when Kanoa, Jack or Leo wins the world title in 2016 show it to your friends. Then check yourself into a rest home, old codger!

Kanoa Igarashi Photo: Lawrence

Kanoa Igarashi Photo: Quiksilver/Bosko

Leonardo Fioravanti  Photo: Lawrence

Leonardo Fioravanti Photo: Quiksilver/Bosko