The God Father

Nick Bricker is a God Father. And he looks like one, too. Big, boisterous and everybody's best friend. If you happen to be someone involved in the competitive surfing circuit in New Jersey, then you have surely heard of Bricker. From helping Jersey legend Dean Randazzo run his charity contest Surf for a Cause to co-creating the Chip Miller Surf Fest to dabbling in perhaps the State's most well-known charity contest, the Brendan Borek, Nick is always there...and probably with a Busch in his hand. With "the Chip" coming up soon on July 29, we thought we'd catch up with Nick and help him spread the gospel. Turns out that's not too hard; the old bastard broke his leg a few weeks ago and hasn't seen daylight since.

Bricker, you broke your leg. What happened?

I was mobbed while helping to feed millions of hungry children last week. Just kidding, I fell down some steps.

So the name Nick Bricker and charity surf contests in NJ are becoming quite synonymous. What’s that all about?

I’m a big man with an even bigger heart. I really like to give back to what’s close to me. Dean Randazzo is one of my best friends and when he decided he wanted to give back, start a foundation (Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation) and help others in need with cancer after he went through it, he approached me to help start the Foundation. Since then we have grown and grown and have really been able to help those in need. I was also asked by Chip Miller's wife Judy to sit on the board of the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation after starting the Surf Fest, which I’m extremely proud of.

What are the other events are you a part of?

I work for the NSL (National Surf League) and run the Jersey stop of the Game for the Red Bull Riders Cup. I'm also the Head Judge for the Northeast Conference of the NSSA; I help out with the Brendan Borek every year; and I run some golf events and some other things. Wow, I actually do more than realized.

For all of your event work and judging, you must be as rich as Tiger Woods. Tell us you're just a vain, money hungry villain.

I get paid OK, but I do it more for the love and to further the sport. Trust me, I’m not getting rich off it. Hey, I have to have a day job, too: I’m a Professional Culinary Transportation Technician.

A what?

I deliver food to the masses for their lunch hour to keep them full and happy.

Your generosity is sickening, Nick.

You should be taking notes, son.

Noted. So what's your biggest event and why?

Personally, it's the Chip Miller Surf Fest. It went from a "let me just do a contest" to "give back a little something" into an event people can’t wait for and talk about all year long. We've had the likes of Rob Machado, the Gudauskas brothers, Brad Gerlach, Benny B, Austin Ware, and Bethany Hamilton come to the event, to name a few. It has grown leaps and bounds and it's one of the premiere events on the East Coast. Since its inception 5 years ago, it's raised over ${{{100}}},000 -- not to mention a lot of attention to Amyloidosis, which is the rare disease that Chip passed away from.

You're also best buddies with East Coast legend Dean Randazzo. How’s everything going with him, health- as well as surfing-wise?

It’s been very hard watching Dean go through what he has gone through, but I couldn’t be prouder watching him beat the shit out of cancer! Dean’s had a few bumps in the road, but he always overcomes them. He’s doing well; he’s got an awesome family, and is surfing at the top of his game again.

OK, good to know. Back to the Chip. Any predictions?

Here’s a strong prediction: There will be a beer in my hand by around 5 p.m.

Come on freshman, real men start drinking at 10.

Hey buddy, I have an event to run.

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