The Industrial Revolution

Speak to anyone paying attention and they'll reference surf industry support as a major catalyst for the Brazilian rise. But why all the love now? Are Brazilians getting that much better? Or is the Brazilian economy just oozing with that much potential? Three industry leaders give us their reasoning for backing the blue, green and gold.

Rio de Janeiro. Photo: C. Wilson

Dylan Slater, Marketing Director, Rip Curl: The Web has made the world a neighborhood. We have much greater access to what's happening in Brazil, but maybe more importantly, they have access to what's happening outside of Brazil. The young Brazilians are drawing influence in their surfing from everywhere now, and they are bringing a hunger with it. That's where you're seeing the results and successes. And I don't see it slowing down.

Peter Jasienski, Brand Manager, Nike: The national pride that the Brazilian population carries for mainstream sports like soccer also exists in the sport of surfing, so that's just straight-up good for business however you look at it. The future of surfing will come from emerging markets where surfing is seen as a true professional sport with surf athletes as national heroes.

Enich Harris, Marketing Director, Billabong: There is no doubt the talent level out of Brazil is at an all-time high. Surfing in Brazil is treated as a national sport, and with a flourishing economy and surf industry, Brazilian surfers are reaping the benefits. It is amazing to see the results for countries that support and embrace surfing as a national sport. Look at Brazil and Australia: They are two of the most successful countries on the World Tour and they both have amazing national support. It's not hard to see the correlation.