Four New Clips Out Of Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything out of the Kelly Slater Wave Company. The shock and awe has began to settle, rumors have surfaced, and since subsided, over what was the next move for this manmade spectacle, but now we have more hard evidence as to what the progress has been lately.

Just minutes ago, KS Wave Co. released four new flicks that you’ll see below, featuring the likes of Carissa Moore, Nat Young, and Kanoa Igarashi all giving the place a crack. Nat gets very barreled, Kanoa throws in a few turns, and Carissa strings together a medley of both. Oh, and the Man himself? He only teases us with a few mesmerizing seconds in the tube.

Could bringing these talents out be a test run for the possible CT stop we’ve been hearing word of? Quite possibly. Will it be better than Rio? Quite definitely.