The Life Australian Blog: Best of The Goldy with Timmy Reyes

BEST RIGHT: Luke Davis off the Duranbah wall, flare tail to flare tail to air. He was ripping. It was a fun session, we were the only two out there for about 45 minutes before everyone got on it. We got our waves and got out of there.BEST FLIGHT: Kerrzy did the best flight I've seen. We were doing some stepoffs down at Straddie, and he did the sickest…flip, alley oop? I don't know what it was. He flew it huge, landed it perfect and did like three other turns.BEST BITE: Raw Energy – salmon salad and a Jungle Juice. Really good.BEST NIGHT: So far it was the movie premiere for Kelly and Andy, I just wanted to watch them surfing. Cruised, had a couple beers with the guys – nothing really happened of it. Everyone took a left and I took a right to go back home and go to sleep, haha! BEST SIGHT: There's a lot of tanned buns on the beach – really good sight!

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