The North Shore Week In Review

There's a beat-up old sticker on the window over the automatic sliding door of Ted's Bakery. It reads "NORTH SHORE HAOLE-WOOD." Inside an elderly local woman waiting for, perhaps, one of Ted's famous chocolate haupia cream pies looks inquisitively at a smoking blond import, upgrades and all, ordering what must be some ridiculous coffee drink. Outside, Luke Munro, Tommy Whits and Kai Otton wait on an order that's sure to take a helluva long time. The historic North Shore establishment is swarming with humanity — incubating this collision of countless worlds.

But this is nothing new. Reality shows have come and gone. Stretch {{{Expedition}}} limos continue to barrel down Kam Highway. Tourists snap photos of "the pipeline" like they have for years, even decades, now. And industry insiders drive past a comparatively lonely Ke Nui Road en route to Turtle Bay…the once-shunned Turtle Bay. But along the way, there's still plenty of action unfolding. Because, like the real thing, Haole-wood is swirling with fresh gossip everyday and there's no sign of much drastically changing anytime soon. So without further adieu, here is what you missed this week out on surfing's own {{{Rodeo}}} Drive.

FIRST BLOOD: As you have seen by now, a bunch of really good days have already popped off. Thursday saw a proper 8-12 foot swell running in from the northwest at around 14 seconds. First and foremost, that means Pipe is on — hell, there was even a pack out at the Bay. But second, that means someone's gonna have a rough make-out session with the reef. OK, now meet 17-year-old Aussy Davey Cathels. The kid's been here for almost a month now, cutting his teeth and amping to earn his keep on the North Shore. But one oblivious, misplaced sponger drop-in later, and the poor bloke's limping around town with two shredded feet, a banged-up knee and a footful of stitches. Luckily for him, there hasn't been much to miss since the incident.

Even SURFING Staff Photographer Jeff Flindt took a beating last Monday while shooting Backdoor, when it was much smaller. But anyone who knows a thing or two around here will tell you that the smaller it is out there, the more likely you are to leave a little chunk of Hawaii tax on the reef.

PARTIES: Things have been pretty mellow around town, aside from the usual BBQ's and, of course, Bruce's annual birthday throw-down, which is heating up right now (Sunday). As reported last Wednesday, Kahea Hart's team grill-up brought together an elite blob of Hawaiian chargers like Hank Gaskell, Mark Healey, Joel Centeio, Kai Barger, Evan Valiere and Dege O'Connell among others. But from the looks of the bare space that used to be the meat section at Foodland, there's a lot more grilling going on out there.

And of course there was the Reef Hawaiian Pro kick-off party Friday night. After finishing off the first 10 heats of Men's Round of 96, most of the crew headed to Town to shed off a little Country. In the stale, shadowy quarters of the Red Lion University club in Honolulu (conveniently located just a few drunken steps from U of H), once-pro and current actor/party-boy Matty Liu put on a proper celebration. Unsuspecting co-eds flocked to "the party with the pro surfers" and lots of fun ensued. You can imagine the rest, can't you?

REGULATION: Just like you're guaranteed some injuries on the good days at Pipe, you can also expect some pecking order maintenance. And this time it was one of our beloved 'CT troublemakers that ignored the rules one too many times and then was reminded of it a handful of times shortly there after. Fear the whistle or else…no matter who you are.

SURF NIGHT: It ain't just Sunset Elementary anymore. On Friday night, just before the Reef kick-off party, Kamehameha High School in Honolulu hosted their very own surf night, where Hawaii boys Granger Larsen, Fred Patacchia, Roy Powers, Sean Moody, Joel Centeio, Hank Gaskell, Kekoa Cazimero and a bunch more stoked out the kids with a massive autograph signing. Bet your high school can't do that.

And of course the Couch Tour grinds on. But with all the beds and couches long since spoken for and groms already spilling out onto the decks of the team houses, it's getting tough around here to continue to find a corner to crash in. But, there's always one somewhere — so long as your sanitation standards aren't too high. Tomorrow, we're hoping to move on with the Reef Hawaiian Pro after a lay-day today (Sunday) as a mediocre north fills in. And all along the streets and paths and beaches of Haole-wood, folks are pouring in — some famous, some just looking for that first illusive but unforgettable North Shore barrel. Others, just looking for a good time. But no matter who you are, you've come to the right place.

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