Further news of a breakaway pro tour surfaces

Speculation is always dangerous. Real estate in California circa 2007. Birthing a new surf brand in 2009. Posting 16 suggestions for surfers on "Kelly's New Tour" on this website last week. All dangerous. But ultimately educational. In the case of the later speculatory gamble, we learned that the blogosphere is very passionate about the breakaway tour that is allegedly being spearheaded by Slater and his manager Terry Hardy. We like that. But as of late, no one has had a lot of fact to run with. Today, however, Australia's Stab Magazine posted a link to an in-depth probing of the new tour, written by one of their penmen Fred Pawle. It is by far the most informative piece constructed on the subject yet. If you care — and we know many of you do — follow this link to the story, published today, on "The Australian," a Sydney-based online newspaper. —Andrew Lewis